The state secretary emphasized that when the new vocational training law was adopted, it was already clear how important well-prepared young people with professional and practical experience are in agriculture, who will take over from the current farmers the baton that this sector needs country.

Sándor Farkas drew attention to the fact that in the past 30-40 years, education has undergone rapid development, because farmers used to work and learn on paper, but today they use all forms of digitalization. This is why it is necessary for current students to be as well prepared as possible. It is important that this is not just a profession, it is a way of life, because those who understand this profession understand a lot of things, for example computer technology, soil cultivation, chemistry, biology, they will have economic and technical knowledge, added the state secretary.

The State Secretary emphasized that the participants of the current farming competition will be the ones who in 10-20 years will produce the healthy and safe food in agriculture that will be needed at that time, and hopefully reach not only the tables of Hungarians, but also countless countries around the world. then the export products. You will be the ones who will apply the latest techniques and technologies in practice, he said.

As part of the 30th Alföldi Livestock and Agriculture Days, this year, the Association of Hungarian Livestock Breeders received the Ministerial Grand Prize of the Ministry of Agriculture, which was presented by Sándor Farkas, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture