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Talent management for foreign students at master’s level in Debrecen

Geraldo Jorge Domingos came to Debrecen from Angola 🇦🇴 7 years ago. He is a very talented student doing his MSc in Biology at the UNIDEB, and his research in laboratories and in the Biodrome Biomaker-Space Experimental Greenhouse of the Department of Applied Plant Biology at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management in the framework of the TalentUD program.

Geraldo Jorge Domingos is doing his MSc in Debrecen. He is involved in many projects. (Picture: University of Debrecen)

His research topic is „Biological values of processed green biomass from different vegetable species” under the supervision of Dr. Nóra Bákonyi and Dr. Éva Domokos-Szabolcsy. Geraldo is also actively involved in other research activities in the department, also he is the chairman of the Angolan students. In collaboration with Angolan Embassy in Hungary, he helps and supports the integration of students from his home country into the Hungarian academic community.

Source: University of Debrecen, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management


International Tea Party at the University of Debrecen

International students organised a tea party at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Debrecen, the event was reported by Agro Jager News.

MagyarThe international relations of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen go back decades. Today, this means that 120 foreign students have started the second semester of the academic year. On the first days of the semester the foreign students treated each other and the Hungarian students to a meal,” Mariett Papp, the coordinator of the Department of Studies responsible for international students, informed Agro Jager.

My brother studied here in Debrecen. I heard how nice the people were and how good the training was, so I decided that if I came to Europe, I would apply here too! I was accepted and now my other brother has followed me. I’m graduating this year; I want to go to one or two more countries after university and then come back to Nigeria,” says a student studying agricultural environment engineering, while she was showing her friends back home how much fun she was having on Whatsapp.

Mariett Papp points out that the majority of the students come from Asia, Africa and South America, while there are Erasmus students from Europe, as well. While the organisation joining the foreign students at the University of Debrecen’s has been organising programmes for students from other faculties at UD, the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management started organising programmes a year ago, under the guidance of the faculty.

The international students speak good English, so this is an excellent opportunity for Hungarian students with similar professional interests to practise the language. Using the internet and social media, it is also known that students from Debrecen stay in touch with their friends abroad after their studies. These friendships are an excellent basis for future business relations, as they get to know the culture and customs of a country and personal trust is a decisive factor in foreign relations later.

Black tea with cardamom was brought from Bangladesh. The Pakistani student added milk, while the Indian student added various other exotic spices to his tea, which he explained not only how to use but also how to grow them.

The Debrecen tea party will be repeated again, Mariett Papp said, as the foreign students, far away from their families, also need human contact. In the spring, there will be more programmes planned, for which the foreign students are already preparing, as they would like to show what kind of spices and dishes they prepare in their home countries – Mariett Papp, the coordinator of international students, informed Agro Jager News.

Dr. Péter Szilágyi Bay
Transleted by Mariett Papp, coordinator of the Department of Studies responsible for international students

Photo by Agro Jager News


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